Tuesday Photo Challenge – Exotic

My first blogpost in 7 days, my first blogpost on my new (self hosted) domain www.ostendnomadography.com is an entry for the “Tuesday Photo Challenge” run by Dutch goes the Photo. Theme of the week: Exotic:).

Exotic reminds me to the Playa Larga in Cuba, better known as the “Bay of Pigs” (the failed US invasion). Ostendnomad scrolled through his archives and found 4 pictures to share. Playa Larga 4

Playa Larga 2
Less exotic bunkers on Playa Larga.
Playa Larga 1
White sand, palmtrees, blue water…
Playa Larga 3
Playa Larga/ Bay of Pigs




12 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Exotic”

    1. I love feedback! Also constructive ‘critique’, as I told in the other reply… working hard on customize my blog. My desk here is full with notes, to do lists and ideas, stay tuned:). But for now, I feel that I must relax again and not focus on the technical stuff anymore. By time I will get more knowledge about html etc. I’ve changed a few times the header… landscapes in Chile, Altiplanos till I realized: Ostendnomadography his niche is photography, and street art. Urban stuff. And a happy header can’t be bad:)! Once more, thanks for the feedback Manja!

        1. Wow, why did you shut down your self hosted blog? If I may ask:)? Technical aspect(I admit, not easy)? WordPress.com is good though, easy. Few weeks ago, I was thinking on booking.com banners etc but wordpress.com block the html code/java etc… and this made me thinking: I want to bring my blog to the next level? Or stay basic… So I gave it a chance. I cancelled and refunded my business account on .com.

          1. The WP.com Business thing is what caused the issue for me. Should WP.com have kept the ability of it’s users to purchase a space upgrade, I never would have thought to go self-hosted. I used a local web company who did the transfer for me.

            But it took the guy a week or more, claiming my database was so huge that it would cost more. Turns out, it was the first time he’d tried to export a WP.com site. Longer story short, their were issues. I threw in the towel and started over.

            Hence my new blog Vegas Photos. But I’m still in the position where once I use the pathetic space allocation I’ll have two options: Delete my own content, or try the greedy $300.00 business plan again.

            Supposedly, WP hosts roughly one third of sites on the web. Frankly, I expect more from a company this large.

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