The Crystal Ship #29: DourOne

Fabio Lopez Gonzalo AKA DourOne is a Spanish artist and illustrator, born in Madrid. In 1999 he began with graffiti in the streets of Madrid, and in 2012 his muze, Elodieloll joined him. Together, they travel the world and transforming grey walls in colorful figurative artworks,where the female often have a prominent position.  His (their) style has been defined by the Uruguayan journalist and writer, Eduardo Galeano, as sentipensante, a contraction of the words “feeling” and “thinking” (sentimiento/pensante in Spanish).

DourOne created his artwork “OPIA” (the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye), in downtown Oostende and was his contribution to The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival edition 2018.



Dourone on the World Wide Web

Location: Aartshertoginnestraat 4a


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