A few months ago I’ve posted the first creation (click here) of Siegfried Vynck his trilogy (The Crystal Ship edition 2016), now time for his second creation inspired by our beloved hometown Ostend. What you see on the wall is the escutcheon which was granted in 1819 to the West Flemish city of Ostend by the High Council of Nobility. Well done Siegfried!

A Siegfried Vynck creation @ The Crystal Ship 2016

Siegfried Vynck on the World Wide Web

Location: Corner Zilverlaan / Heidebloemstraat


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    1. Merci:). In de toekomst, zal ik waarschijnlijk zelf geen mapjes meer maken. Ik ben sinds kort medewerker van streetartcities.com (check website EN application), en zal daar mijn foto/info uploaden. Gr Stef

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