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My Hometown Oostende #5 Lines & Curves

Went with my camera through my hometown Oostende(Belgium) already many times…after a while we don’t see anymore the real beauty of our hometown…the things what keep the attention of tourists. Had the idea…why not go outside with my camera, and … Read More

Let's do Hamburg!

2017 is just starting out … and took the opportunity to discover some new place. Middle of december, returned  from Chile and back to work… 3days off scheduled(3-5/01/17),excellent!  Working on New Year’s day has advantages:)! An hour searching on the … Read More

My Hometown Oostende #4 Merry Christmas!

Last night… finally found  time to take my camera and make some nightshots of Christmasdecoration in my hometown Oostende(Belgium). Enjoy the result of my nighttour:)!

Christmas is a time for cherishing those who bring so many blessings to our lives. … Read More