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Street Art Around The Globe: “Re:Think Sisak”

As I told you in a former episode of “Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb”, I was lucky to meet the famous Croatian illustrator/artist Chez186 (Instagram) and have an interesting talk about the Croatian Street Art scene. He … Read More

Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb (Part 4)

Already the fourth episode of Zagreb’s Street Art scene:)! The second location that Maja from Zagrebee Tours advised me was to have a look at the University Student Centar on the Savska Cesta 25 (pretty close to Medika:) ). Just … Read More

Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb (Part 2)

Zagreb is becoming an interesting city  when comes to street art. Julien de Casabianca was in Zagreb with his Outings Project (bringing paintings from museums walls into the street), in the streets you can find  also murals from talented local … Read More