Nelio @The Crystal Ship Edition 2017

The Crystal Ship #11: Nelio

Nelio, A French street art artist colored the wall of a serviceflats building with his typical style: a touch of Picasso, abstract style, lines, geometric forms and cubism. He performed at The Crystal Ship Edition 2017.

Nelio @The Crystal Ship Edition 2017

Nelio on the World Wide Web

Location: Kaïrostraat 86

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2 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship #11: Nelio”

    1. Thank you for this nice encouraging words:). Yup, this year, it’s already the 3the edition of our local street art festival. We had already a lot of famous artists: Phlegm, Roa, Milu Correch, Axel Void, but also local young talented artists like Strook,Siegfried Vynck etc. Thanks for commenting, greets stef

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