Street Art: “Random Street Art in Covilhã

Did you notice how much I liked to wander through the streets of Covilhã? And I still have photographs of my Covilhã mission to share with you,my dear followers:). My blogpost of today is about the random Street Art I’ve discovered and captured on the walls of Covilhã.

Painted Electrical Cabinets

The Sheep MéMé / O Ovelhas MéMé

Other Street Art creations found in Covilha


19 thoughts on “Street Art: “Random Street Art in Covilhã”

  1. That’s interesting you featured electrical boxes as I have just noticed my community is wrapping all the boxes with photos to try and discourage random painting. I have to admit I’m liking them.

    1. Hey Manja, Unfortunately there are not longer visible. Blood, sweat, tears… but I managed FINALLY to migrate the blogposts from to Happy as a kid, till I noticed that on so many blogposts the pictures aren’t visible:(. I have to add all the pictures manually which requires me a lot of time. After 10 days of try and fail I became almost discouraged:(. I am glad you found the way to my new blog, welcome on Ostendnomadography, Manja! Greets Stef

      1. Ohh, I see! Manually adding all the photos again! Good luck with that. Good news is that I didn’t need to click follow again, it was an automatic transfer. I like the header, as I said, but the photos are little for my taste, with no option to click on them to make them larger. Anyway, I hope you’re happy with your new look.

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