Street Art Around The Globe: Ljubljana (1)

The Street-Art scene in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana is concentrated in two parts: “Metelkova City Autonomous Cultural Center” (what was before the Slovenian headquarters of the Yugoslav National Army) and along the Trubarjeva Cesta street,with the ROG Factory. ROG Factory was before a bike factory , abandoned for a while and since 2006 a space for concerts, artgalleries and studios, includes even skate facilities. And of course: a lot of street art!:)! This two arty areas are between the railway station and the touristic center of Ljubljana. I’ve cycled in and around Ljubljana, and random street art? Found only a (very) few. In this first episode I’ll show you the street art of Metelkova City and the streets around this sqaut.

Lets start with a short video? The quality of the video can be better, maybe because I recorded with my wide angle lens.  Anyway, enjoy:).



7 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Ljubljana (1)”

  1. There is some serious art amongst the graffiti there! I liked the cross-stitch quilt design on that one building. The underwater scene was also nicely done. I won’t try to identify any more favorites/quality art pieces–there are too many. I’m glad graffiti is becoming more of an art than an act of vandalism.

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