Rough Atlantic Ocean

December 2017, my memorable trip to Portugal. A trip where my main focus was on discovering street art, but I also took the time to enjoy and discover the peace and nature of this beautiful country. These pictures were taken when I returned from Estarreja ( a street art exploration :)). On the way back to Porto by train, when I suddenly got an idea, why not just get off at the next station and walk to Porto along the coast.  These pictures were taken along the seashores of Aguda (So far as I remember it was Aguda). A red white lighthouse, a bulwark and splashing waves, the perfect moment  for a rest on the beach and admiring the waves of the nature. Portugal, you are so beautiful. 3 weeks to go, and we will be reunited, for 16 days:).

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This is my entry to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of this week with the theme: Splash


2 thoughts on “Rough Atlantic Ocean”

    1. Glad you like my pics:). Portugal is wonderful, relax, so many authentic towns and villages. Portugal will not disappoint you, I am sure of that:). Maybe a previous post can interest you: . Already an idea which places you want to visit in case you go to Portugal? I can recommend Coimbra, Porto, Lisbon,Viseu, Aveiro… . Regards Stef

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