Moonvalley/Valle De La Luna

Going to the north of Chile?  Likely you gonna stay a few days in San Pedro de Atacama, what is a perfect choice! U can consider San Pedro de Atacama as a typical backpackers village: many hostels and opportunities to book excursions(and bargain:) ). Rent a car is a possibility too of course. This region has so much to offer: El Tatio Geyser, altiplanic lagoons, wildlife, stunning  landscapes, clear sky at night(ALMA Observatory!)…. and in addition: after a few days San Pedro de Atacama and u can’t get enough of all this beauty? The Salar de Uyuni (multi days)excursions will bring you into Bolivia…. . Salar de Uyuni, still on my bucket list!

About San Pedro de Atacama… information enough on the www:), but what I really wanted to share with you… my dear followers: the pictures of the MoonValley/ Valle de la Luna. Let’s hope, that my photographs can bring the MoonValley/ Valle de la Luna a high ranking on your always changing bucket list:)!  North of Chile: breathtaking! 4 Days in San Pedro de Atacama?  Book a Moonvalley (half daytour(combine with salt mountains,  wonder the enormous geologic formations) on the first day: stroll around in the downtown, book your excursions and in the afternoon you take the tour, with probably the most impressive sunset ever seen! Chile…. Chile… Chile… what a brilliant country!


Pictures were taken juin 2016



19 thoughts on “Moonvalley/Valle De La Luna”

  1. Aaaaah Chile… I’m a big fan of Patagonia and have been back 3 times already (can’t wait to get back again). But loved discovering Atacama desert (twice!). There’s no way one can’t fall in love with its sheer beauty.
    It is a definite must-stop in northern Chile.

    Great to see you too had lots of fun there!
    Happy traveling!

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