Papaver Dubnium at Jardin du Mont des Récollets

Flower Of The Day #1: Papaver Dubium

Hello all! I admit, it is rare that I take pictures of flowers, but my interest has been awakened after my visit to Paseo del Rosedal (The Rose Garden Walk) in Buenos Aires (March 2018), and a visit to “Jardin du Mont des Recollets”, last weekend in Cassel(France).  Lately, I’ve also watched a few tutorials: ” how to post process pictures of flowers and roses”. Let’s start with the “Papaver Dubium”.

Papaver Dubnium at Jardin du Mont des Récollets

From now on, I will regularly try to post flowers and roses, and if I give it the wrong name (my knowledge is poor when it comes to roses/flowers), would be great to read your feedback in the comments section.


11 thoughts on “Flower Of The Day #1: Papaver Dubium”

  1. You have to know that Papaver species are toxic, the Papaver Dubium has a very small toxicity but the most toxic is Papaver somniferum which is used as a drug after preparation
    (I am not a drug addict or something, just studied at university plants 😁)

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