My spring holiday comes to an end today. Now sitting in a McDonalds (I really love the  free WIFI here:) ), close to Place de Catalunya in Barcelona, going through my mails, view and edit my pictures shot the past week (I’ve explored Barcelona, Zaragoza, Balaguer, Penelles). One of the highlights of my trip was not the “cliché” Sagrada Familia, or Montjuic but the village of Penelles in Lerida Province. A 20 minute busride away from Balaguer. Village of Penelles

Why Penelles? Because of the “GarGar Street Art Festival” . I love to explore places, guided by a street art map (or without:) ). I had 5 hours to check all the Street Art in Penelles, which was pretty enough. And lucky enough, time left for a nice walk around the village, through the fields. Sorry Barcelona, Las Ramblas is (very!) fast forgotten once you breath the fresh air, the nature in the countryside. Beauty and simplicity, Love Penelles:). I thought, a glimpse of penelles could be a nice entry for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge of this week. Until next time….

Village of Penelles


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