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Food Markets & Corner Stores: #6 “Dolac Market”

Hello Hello! Last two weeks, unfortunately no uploads (only a reblogged post: click here , maybe in the future I will reblog more posts when I’m limited in time to create own posts/uploads).  I had some busy weeks (got ill/run-down, … Read More

Food Markets & Corner Stores: #5 “Marché de Noailles”

Marseille, my first impression was not ‘waaaaw’. Just a harbor city, like I saw many before. But of course,each city has is own character, history.  A place where I saw the city hustle and bustle was “Marché de Noailles” (Market … Read More

Food Markets & Corner Stores: #4 “La Merced”

It’s a while ago that I’ve posted some food markets and stores pictures. Now, time to upload my “Mercado de la Merced’ photographs. Mercado de la Merced? Yes, La Merced, the largest traditional public market in the (historic) center of … Read More

Food Markets & Corner Stores #3

March 2016, my first trip to Chile… Santiago de Chile(and Valparaiso). What to do in Santiago? What to see? Or…what to eat? A good tip can be: join a free walking tour, and more specific: “The Santiago Offbeat Walking Tour”Read More

Food Markets & Corner Stores #2

Second contribution to the Food Markets & Corner Stores Series. Below, a selection of pictures shot in Valparaiso(Chile), La Plata & Buenos Aires(Argentina) and Coimbra (Portugal).… Read More

Food Markets & Corner Stores #1

Was already some time in my mind: how to make categories, how to make series… what is the best way to share my photo tales to my followers? End of the week, but not too late to start a new … Read More