A Family Selfie at Placa de Catalunya

When I am walking through the streets, parks and squares, I really like to observe the people. And when possible, capture a bit of this street life:). This family selfie has been captured at Place de Catalunya, the epic center of touristic Barcelona.

The ingredients are simple: a selfie stick, a mobile phone, your widest smile, pick an epic landmark and of course, your beloved ones around you. Definitely a great memory for this family:).

A Family Selfie at Placa de Catalunya


9 thoughts on “A Family Selfie at Placa de Catalunya”

    1. Well, thats why I photographed this moment. A nice happy familymoment, young and old. I really don’t like this selfie hype… . I was around Parc Guell, wonderfull place… but almost nobody checked the beauty of it, only the mobile phone… . Dissapointing evolution.

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