The first phase of the The Crystal Ship ended at the end of June, where the Belgian artists painted their creations and we can already say that it’s huge success so far. The career of the always smiling local talented artist Mieke Drossaert has been given a huge boost. Her Color full People have generated a lot of good reactions, and in the meantime she has even participated in a Graffiti Jam with her Color Full People in a large(r) format. Splendid!

Over the past week, 3 internationally renowned artists have started their artwork: Mr. Aryz, who made an artwork for The Crystal Ship by night at the end of last year, and the in Argentina born but in Barcelona based (female) artist duo Medianeras.

I have pinned all my photographed murals on the Streetartcities map to make your street art hunt a bit easier:). Download the App: Google Play – App Store or find the locations on the website

Las Medianeras

Vanesa Galdeano and Analí Chanquía, , better known as the artist duo Medianeras Murales started to paint their mural earlier this week, where you can see many of their typical characteristics: androgynous personage, optical illusions and beautiful warm colors/contrasts. I really love the used colors, but I gave it a chance to create a black/white image. My recently purchased drone is a big plus in my bag.

Location: Torhoutsesteenweg 413 (Click Here)

Mr Aryz

Octavi Arrizabalaga aka Mr.Aryz, started his career at a young age in the suburbs of Barcelona. Once started as a member of a graffiti crew and now grown into one of the most famous multi-talented artists of the moment, with a huge preference for large scale walls.

Location: Slachthuiskaai 23 (Click Here)

Updated 18/07/2021 – Pictures were taken on 17/07/2021 

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