The second day of my three-day stay in Lagos I decided to go out into nature. An 18 km walk from Burgau back to my base camp Lagos, which I found on the well-known walking application Wikiloc (check my walk here), seemed like an excellent challenge. Just admire the amazing and terrifying cliffs, stroll along Instagrammable beaches and enjoy the fauna and flora around us. Something I really needed. My photographed doors today are from Burgau, where I started my walk

Tip: To start the walk, I first went to Burgau, with an Uber (about 10 euros). There are probably some buses, but as a traveler it is sometimes easier, faster and less stressful to use the Uber (or Bolt) services. And so I did :).

click to enlarge the pictures

You are probably also curious about my other photos, more specifically about the natural beauty during my walk?

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Enjoy my photographs and have a nice day:))))

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Burgau

  1. These are great doors. I especially like the pairs of arched openings. Are the paths inside those separated? I am glad you included the amazing views from your hike. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

    1. I guess at this time… they are open:). Maybe they took a kind of a siesta or just closed due covid restrictions? Who knows:). Kind of sleepy coastal village out of tourism season. Gr Stef

  2. Wow, with this sunshine outside, this is the perfect photo!!!! And I’ve just bought some icecream too 🙂 Congrats for this perfect idea! By the wayn this place is in Portugal? Have a beautiful week-end!

    1. Hey hey, the weather was just excellent. Not super hot, an enjoyable 25 degrees… a bit wind and stunning landscapes/seascapes🥰. Yep, it was in Portugal a few weeks ago. Have a nice weekend too amiga x

  3. I also like those arched opening and the bit of green around one – so many culture rich photos in this post 🙂

  4. Ohh my, the walk was loooong but magnificent (and I suspect hot too. Did you have a chance to refresh yourself in the sea?). I really love the doors in this area but also how you take their photos. You don’t cut away what surrounds them. I like that. Keep them coming, please!!

    1. It was a long walk indeed. But I really need this, a challenge. The weather was sooooo good, but super hot? Was just ok:). I had my swimming gear with me but I didn’t swim which I regretted. I am not a beach type (lol) :)). About photographing: I believe in the urban environment and showcase how it really is. Even when there is a ‘disturbing’ trashcan, bike or whatever…. . Coming four weeks, more Portugal doors, then probably Italy (region Ferrara/Padova) doors which sounds familiar to you right:)? Have a wonderful weekend Manja:).

      1. Yeah, great door plans!! I’m not a beach type either but I cannot walk by the sea if it’s at least a little hot without going in. 😀 In Greece I used to stop the car (always in my swimsuit), throw myself into the sea and drive on.

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