Since the start of the street art festival The Crystal Ship (Oostende, Belgium) last Saturday, the artists have already made a nice progression. Time for a photographic update:).

A big thanks to Mieke Drossaert for sharing the locations of her Color Full People series :).

I have pinned all my photographed murals on the Streetartcities map to make your street art hunt a bit easier:). Download the App: Google Play – App Store or find the locations on the website


Location: Langestraat 8 (click here)

Kitsune Jolene

Location: Kairostraat (click here)


Location: Vredestraat 37 (click here)


Location: Luna Park Reflex Vlaanderenstraat (click here)


Location: Parking Lot NMBS Railwaystation. Best visible from the bridge (click here)

Colour Full People by Mieke Drossaert

Location: Steenovenstraat 9 (click here)

Location: Schildersstraat 2 (click here)

Location: Plakkersstraat 39 (click here)

Location: Stuiverstraat 70 (click here)

Location: Longchamplaan 41 (click here)

Updated 16/06/2021 – Pictures were taken on 16/06/2021

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    1. Absoluut, die artiesten zijn gewoonweg fantastisch. Al die inspiratie, gekoppeld aan creativiteit. Bewonderenswaardig. Groeten Stef

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