Finally! The international street art festival The Crystal Ship 2021 started last weekend in my hometown Oostende. This year’s theme is The Summer of Street Art, which means that from June 12 to August 31, artists will give our city a little bit more color.

Last weekend the Belgian artists( Kitsune Jolene, SOAZ, SozyOne, Mieke Drossaert and Dzia) started painting their walls, the international artists will start their murals later (Covid restrictions etc). Normally I always take the pictures of the final end result, this year I will try to update you regularly to indicate the works in progress. Below you will find an overview of last weekend. Enjoy:)


Sozyone is such a successful artist who does everything from music (De Puta Madre) to muralism. I have already been able to admire his works in Brussels before, just pure class. For The Crystal Ship he will paint a large scale wall, an ode to James Ensor. Curious :)!

Location: Luna Park Reflex Vlaanderenstraat


Ethel Coppieters, aka SOAZ is a brussels based artist. What the sketch on the wall looks like, will it be a portrait? Stay tuned guys :).

Location: Vredestraat 37


Dzia is such an artist who has a very distinct style. His animals, painted in fine lines, are already known to many street art lovers. Finally, a Dzia wall in my hometown Oostende, something I’ve always hoped for:).

Location: Parking Lot NMBS Railwaystation. Best visible from the bridge

Kitsune Jolene

Kitsune Jolene is a Ghent based artist, who has made enormous progress in recent years. Previously she volunteered for the The Crystal Ship Crew, now she can paint a wall herself. Main features of her work are intimate female portraits, with pink/red color palettes. Unfortunately, she couldn’t start on Saturday, because the wrong elevator was delivered, the right elevator has been there since today. As you can see in the photo, she will be painting over Faith47’s work. Street Art is fleeting…

Location: Sportcentrum Kairostraat

Mieke Drossaert

Mieke Drossaert, an Ostend based artist is someone who does not go along with the mainstream. She just does her own thing. Glass, textil, painting,… . She is currently painting her interventions throughout the city, in various locations. For now, I haven’t found the locations yet, but via instagram we already have an idea what her interventions look like.

Locations: Various locations throughout the city, more info later:).

Updated 14/06/2021

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