For a year now we have been limited in our freedom, but I still try to get the best out of it. If I can mention an advantage of the corona crisis: traveling in your own country. I have to admit: I have not actually seen much of my own country and I am now trying to change that by regularly making day trips.

Something that had been on my famous unofficial bucket list for a long time was a visit to the nearby city of Roeselare, which is best known for its Rodenbach beer. Another reason to visit Roeselare is its street art scene in and around the city, which of course interests me much more. And so I ended up in the harbor area, and that is something that always fascinates me: large warehouses, old and modern architecture, a place where you can feel a rich history. Today you can enjoy my monochrome impressions, photographed at the harbor of Roeselare, along the canal Roeselare – Leie. Have a nice Thursday folks:).

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Photographed 24-10-2020

11 thoughts on “Monochrome Harbor Impressions

  1. Nice photos! So that’s where the famous red ale comes from. It’s nice although a little sweet for me. Love the shark bursting through the wall!

    1. Indeed:). The famous red ale named Rodenbach is brewed in Roeselare:). The big shark on that wall is so good painted, glad u like it too:). Enjoy your day Paul. Cheers Stef

    1. Hi Brian, sometimes… the same problems. I am afraid that my knowledge is not big enough to fix it for 100%, and in addition… I don’t have enough time to update my blog lately:(. Thanks for the support Brian:)! Cheers Stef

  2. The street art is absolutely amazing throughout your post, you seem to enjoy wandering the streets as much as nature. Thankyou for sharing your part of the world. Cheers! Trâm, from Sydney Australia.

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