Franco Fasoli is an Argentinian artist who is passionate about many disciplines: he studied at the world-renowned Instituto del Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires), after finishing his studies in ceramics at the art school. As a teenager, In the 90’s, Franco Fasoli was also into skateboarding, hip-hop and BMX, which led to his interest in graffiti and painting, subcultures that are close to each other.

For his murals, Franco Fasoli uses his own influences (horses are common in his murals) and the environment. For the first edition (2016) ever of The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival in Oostende he painted a surrealistic horse (check the head!) and he also paid attention to the masks for which the famous local painter James Ensor was known. The more I look at this work, the more I like it. Well done Franco “Jaz” Fasoli!

Location: Timmermanstraat 14 (click here)

Oostende on Streetartcities

Updated 23-03-2021

11 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2016: Franco “Jaz” Fasoli

  1. Great mural and this map is really useful. I had a quick look and for now love Wasted Rita and her arrows the most (“White Men” left, “White Men” right, “No One Cares”, “No One Care Either” etc.). Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Manja. Glad you like this masterpiece too:). Good to hear, (or read:)) that you had a look on that fantastic street art database website/app called Streetartcities. If you are interested to become a streetarthunter for the place where you live…. let me know:). We are always in search of local hunters:). Many greets Stef

    1. Indeed, totally agree. The first years I didn’t like that mural at all. A bit apocalyptic, yes. It’s like a fragment from the French Revolution:). How he combined his own style and included James Ensor in this wall. Amazing. Gr Stef

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