Globally, so many events have been canceled due to the pandemic that is ravaging our world already since March 2020. Still, it is interesting and heartwarming to see that art events have gotten to work inventively and try to offer us a corona proof alternative.

And this also applied to the Street Art event The Crystal Ship which is held in my hometown Oostende. The event in its original format was unfortunately canceled, and the organization had offered us 2 alternatives: a few new murals and the art route The Crystal Ship by Night, which was held in December.

During the cold winter evenings in December, some murals were illuminated and we could enjoy temporary magnificent light installations created by Wasted Rita, SpY and the Argentinian multimedia artist Marina Zumi. I didn’t photographed the illuminated murals, but I do have pictures of 2 photogenic light installations that we could admire. In this blogpost, I highlight only the installations made by Spy and Marina Zumi.

Gates – Marina Zumi

Marina Zumi her Gates installation is 50m long and consists of 11 pentagons with light that changes at the pace of our heartbeat.

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Barrier – SpY

The Barrier is made with five high-powered lasers that create a unique 1,5 km (!!!!) light that crosses Oostende Beach.

Click to enlarge the pictures

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    1. It’s a wonderful project, Oostende could use a bit more colour:). We had already 5 editions so far and the idea for street art by night in 2020 was indeed a brilliant idea. Admire Street Art from a different perspective (and light:) ). Gr Stef

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