Street Art is hot! During my trip through Portugal (September 2020), I was looking for as much street art as possible. For the street art enthusiasts among us, it is not longer a secret that in many cities and villages of Portugal, plenty of street art festivals are held with mainly Portuguese artists, who in my opinion belong to the absolute world top.

While preparing for my trip, I noticed that there was a new street art festival (FALU Festival – Festival Artístico de Linguagens Urbanas) going on in Caldas da Rainha ( which started in early June and ended in mid-October) with an impressive line up: ADD FUEL, Bordalo II, Nuno Viegas, Daniel Eime and AKA Corleone. All artists with a completely different style. There was also an “Open Call” contest, won by C’Marie & Esgrito, completed a magnificent collab. FALU festival is a project curated by Riscas Vadias.

When I visited Caldas da Rainha, only the work of Bordalo II was not finished, unfortunately. Below you will find my photographed works of the first edition of FALU Festival 2020.

Caldense – ADD FUEL

Let’s kick off with one of my favorite artists: ADD FUEL, who is known for his traditional Portuguese ceramic tile design stencil painted artworks. His work Caldense is a tribute to Bordallo Pinheiro, a very known and well talented Ceramic artist and ADD FUEL reinterpreted the legacy of the Caldas Ceramics.

Location: Rua Capitão Filipe de Sousa (parking area)

Corte – Daniel Eime

Daniel Eime is a talented brush master that combines stencils, dripping and realism to depict works showcasing strange characters, with enigmatic gazes. His work in Caldas da Rainha, is a part of his The Last Portraits series that close’s a stencil portraits cycle with more then 12 years.

Location: Rua Coronel Soeiro de Brito 10 (parking area)

Obrigado – AKA Corleone

Pedro Campiche aka AKA Corleone is visual artist and illustrator, based in Lisbon. His work Obrigado for FALU Festival is a tribute and a big thanks to all the healthcare workers in the frontline fighting a the COVID-19 pandemic.

Location: Rua Augusto Gil, bloco 4

Glove & Golden Crown – Nuno Viegas

With this mural, Nuno Viegas has completed his Glove & Golden Crown project, which consists of a canvas, print and this mural. Perfectly executed piece.

Location: Praça 5 Outubro

Manhãs do Mar – C’Marie & Egrito

The artist duo C’Marie and Joao Margarido aka Egrito were the winners of the Open Call contest and executed their winning colorful collab Manhãs do Mar.

Location: R. José Pedro Ferreira 24

Lighted Plastic Fruit Bat – Bordalo II

This trash art installation was created by the world renowned trash art artist Bordalo II, unfortunately I wasn’t able to this artwork since it was made after my short visit to Caldas da Rainha. A new masterpiece by the trash art king himself. Location: Rua Capitão Filipe de Sousa (parking area)

Random Street Art found in Caldas da Rainha

In Caldas da Rainha I was mainly focused on the street art works for the FALU Festival, but along the way I also came across some beautiful artful interventions.

Casa Coop

CASA Coop is a non profit cultural cooperative and organizes initiatives in the field of social action and cultural animation. Location: R. Sebastião de Lima 18, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Other Random Finds

Location: Praça 5 de Outubro
This piece is a tribute to Razat, a local graffiti artist who passed away

11 thoughts on “Street Art in Caldas Da Rainha

  1. Your photo of the Daniel Eimes stencil portrait and the colourful Corleone ‘thank you’ artwork are my favourites. You’ve captured some wonderful art there!

    1. Inderdaad, ook al was ik maar enkele uren in Caldas da Rainha, ik had de indruk dat het wel wat meer kleur kon gebruiken:). Mooi hoe ze voor de eerste editie direct de beste Portugese artiesten konden strikken. Benieuwd naar de volgende editie. Geniet nog van je dag, groetjes Stef.

    1. Sorry to hear that:(. I really hope that we can travel again soon and discover new places. You’ll like Portugal for sure, enough street art to check:). Been to Portugal already 4x and hope to get there again this year. And you too:). Thanks for passing by and leave a comment. Gr Stef

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