A few weeks ago we were able to enjoy the first sun in Belgium, after we were plagued by extreme (by Belgian standards) winter weather. On Sunday 23 February I spontaneously decided to make a day trip to Ghent, a city that is so close to my home town Oostende and where I have rarely been (shame!). Since it was super crowdy in the city center, I decided to visit the suburbs. With my favo streetartcities.com application switched on, of course :). What struck me most is the urban planning in Ghent. Everywhere there are new modern residential areas, with a lot of attention to the green environment and outdoors facilities: tables and benches for a picnic, many new cycle paths and new safe playgrounds for the children. Just awesome and fascinating.

I had a fantastic sunny day in Ghent, a city that I will revisit in the near future (I haven’t seen all the street art in Ghent yet :)). Enjoy my Thursday Doors uploads and have a nice days folks :).

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This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

22 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Gent / Ghent

  1. On a very short visit to Ghent, I could only witness the historic area and therefore didn’t notice new construction.

    1. The Historic area is really beautiful, in the suburbs they transformerd former industrial areas into new communities. During my day in Ghent, I visited the neighborhoods: Sint-Pieters-Aalst, Ledeberg, Molenberg, Gentbrugge and a short part of Gent Dampoort (25 km walking). The next time, I’m going to explore the historical center. Greetz Stef

        1. Well Ghent is one of the bigger cities of Belgium so yes, of course there is a lot of industry(volvo plant etc). It’s a good idea I think when they create new living on the grounds of closed factories. After a while it’s like a new community or neighborhood. That’s what I learned the last years during my street art travels : you step in the reality, not a TripAdvisor top 10 to do list, not only that beautiful church or fortress… . Street art brings you everywhere in the city and it’s surroundings. And… Ghent is a perfect example. Nice historical center? Yes. But I find the urban planning in the suburbs 10x more interesting then that famous fortress (Gravensteen). I saw this in many cities already how they transformed former industrial grounds, demolished closed factories into new modern living areas. Gr Stef

  2. I like the tall narrow doors, at least they appear narrow. I really like the red arched corner door. That has so many things I like to see in a door, including a large/small split on the double doors.

    1. Indeed, those tall narrow doors are awesome.why they made it do tall? Thanks for passing by Dan. Have a nice Thursday. Gr Stef

  3. I have to go with the red corner door that’s at and angle and on a building with a cool mural. But they’re all fun finds. I’ve never heard of that app.


  4. Grew up in Zeeland, on the Dutch side. so I have been to Gent in my growing up years a few times (which was decades ago, so it must have change) Hope that the inner center is still in the same style – had a great ambience there and was nice to wander around. Jesh

    1. Zeeland, actually pretty close to Ghent:). What I heard from my godchild who studies there, is Ghent just amazing. Indeed, many historical sights, lot of new modern buildings, good atmosphere, student city… a bit of everything for everybody:).Coming Sunday, I’ll go back to Ghent probably and check the historical center. Greetz Stef

  5. Wow, quite the walk you did there. I don’t recognize anything, even though I live close to some if the areas you’ve been to (Sint-Amandsberg). I love the gate. Where is that?

      1. Schitterend, letterlijk op een kilometer van waar ik woon. Ik kom wel eens in de omliggende straten, maar deze verbindingsstraat ben ik nog nooit ingereden. Moet ik onthouden 🙂

        1. En dat is het mooie aan street art hunting, je ontdekt plaatsjes, zelfs in je eigen streek waar je anders nooit zou of zal komen zonder ‘reden’. Geniet van je dagje. Cheers Stef

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