Last Sunday, we had excellent weather conditions here on the Belgian coast. Not overly cold, hardly any wind and a dash of sun. Indeed, the perfect ingredients and an ideal opportunity to take an inspiring photo walk in my hometown Oostende. This time I mainly focused on the part between the Casino-Kursaal and the Wellington Racecourse: A pleasant walk on the Albert 1 Promenade, along the Venetian and Royal Galleries (which are in scandalous bad condition:((( ) where we can also admire the majestic Thermae Palace Hotel. Then I continued my walk on the beach, towards the Wellington Racecourse and return home via Petit Paris

It always remains a perhaps difficult task to capture a photogenic beauty in a city where you grew up, places where you often pass daily and everything just seems normal. But I think, I did it pretty good. I am satisfied with the result.

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These pictures were photographed in Oostende, Belgium on 06/12/2020

9 thoughts on “A Sunday Photo Walk

  1. Great shots. I wasn’t aware that you are from Belgium. I visited Belgium last year but gave Ostend a miss due to shortage of time.

    1. Hi, Yup, born and raised in Oostende:). Indeed, my country has a lot to offer: cities like Ghent, Bruges, Liege, Antwerp…. . Maybe you get another chance to visit my town in future, in post-corona times:)? Thanks for passing by and leaving a nice comment:). Gr Stef

      1. I have been to couple of the ones you listed. Indeed, I enjoyed my trip. A lot many to visit. I’m hoping for another visit, someday!

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