Figueira da Foz (literally translated as “the river’s mouth opening”) is a Portuguese seaside resort located at the mouth of the Mondego River, and sheltered by the Serra da Boa Viagem Hills. Figueira da Foz, also named as Rainha Das Praias (Queen of the Beaches), was a place that I absolutely wanted to visit during my autumn 2020 trip. Simply seek the tranquility of the endless large beaches and sniff the salty sea air which is always real home feeling for me (I was born and raised in the seaside resort of Ostend, Belgium). Strolling through the city without really having a plan (and that’s how you usually see more than just those TripAdvisor lists). Just a much needed rest day in a elegant windy coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy my Figueira de Foz doors people:)

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This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Figueira da Foz

  1. love photos of gates, one of the best ones i ever seen are from budapest and central europe regions where they used to have gorgeous front gates that open up to the vineyards type yards at the back (so they could take through horse drawn loads of grapes and such…it’s the idea of what’s behind that attracts me. thanks for sharing

    1. Exactly. What you are saying about the grapes/winemakers reminds me of the massive large doors/gates I saw in Vila Nova de Gaia ( Porto Wines). Indeed, behind every door is a story. Cheers Stef

  2. I absolutely love photographing doors. I wish I would have seen this challenge. I love these you doors, I love the yellow with the black gate, that is my favorite. Have an amazing day. Love to you and your family. Joni

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