After staying a few days in Vila Nova de Gaia, it was about time to continue my journey, southwards, towards the so-called Venice of Portugal, Aveiro. As I was already in Aveiro six years ago, just for an short afternoon trip, I thought it was a good idea to revisit this charming town and enjoy a bit more of this coastal city. Aveiro also seemed ideal as a base camp, since it has an easy train connection to Estarreja (ESTAU Street Art Festival ) and to Águeda (AgitÁgueda Art Festival).

As always, during my walks through the city center and the suburbs I also photographed some doors to share in this Thursday Doors Challenge. Have a nice day folks

This is my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

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    1. which is to say, it makes me think of how many interesting things and people are behind these doors and how we could tease them out and make them a part of our stories instead of letting them stay locked away snoozing. 🙂

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