It is indeed back that time of the year: Autumn! A great season, for us as hobby photographers. Below, you find and may enjoy my pictures that I shot along the 5km long walking path ‘Doeveren’, between Brugge and Torhout (Belgium).

11 thoughts on “Autumn Colors

  1. They are really nice and have a very good quaity! They remind me a bit of Lille and Luxembourg, I like a lot this green that you have managed to picture in your camera shots. Stay healthy and inspired! I’m also taking photos with all sorts of spots from September on and it is true, there are so many colours in nature!

    1. Thank you so much:). It was so interesting, magnificent: nice weather, sun was shining, lot of shadows, not too much people around… . Looking forward to your uploads:)). Cheers Stef

    1. Thank you so much :). This nature reserve is pretty close to my hometown, and I had never been there can you imagine. Good that my gf proposed me to show one of her favo places. Cheers Stef

      1. The biggest treasures are always nearby, dear Stef! I should notice that you have a good vision for the nature photography. Looking forward to see more your new shots of the kind!
        Have a nice week-end!
        Cheers, Maria 😁

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