Hello all! Yup, I am back:)! I admit, it has been a long time now since I’ve posted on my blog. Since the Pandemic has started in March,I worked often six days a week and I’ve decided to focus a bit less on social media, more workouts, running and reading books etc,… .

So, what about traveling? In July, I’ve traveled (rather) unexpected to Thessaloniki for 10 days, instead of Zaragoza (2 days before departure, I had to look for a plan B since Zaragoza became a forbidden area for me as a Belgian citizen).

Last week, I’ve returned from a 23-days road trip through Portugal which was also a kind of a plan B. No, sorry, rather plan C. My initial plan for September was backpacking through Uruguay & Argentina for a month but impossible due the pandemic. Plan B became Bosnia, but Ryanair cancelled my flight 2 weeks before departure. Regarding the situation in Europe here, Portugal was a safe option to travel.

My journey through Portugal started specifically in Vila Nova de Gaia, a conscious choice since I was in Porto before (2018). Pretty close to the beautiful beaches and I was curious what Vila Nova de Gaia had to offer regarding street art (of course :)). During my walkabouts through hilly Vila Nova de Gaia, I photographed doors in different colors and shapes.

This is my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

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  1. I really enjoy seeing such an interesting display of colors and shapes of doors! Wonderful!

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