The photos I would like to share with you today have been taken on the Beach of La Madeleine, better known as Utah Beach. Utah Beach, chosen by the English General Bernard Montgomery, was the first of the two zones selected for the American Landings and is the most westerly of the 5 landing beaches.

We had previously considered a visit to Utah Beach as an absolute priority and when we arrived there we also saw why: beautiful dunes and beaches, war monuments and the Utah Beach Landings Museum. Below you can find some impressions of our visit to Utah Beach (August 2019).

War Memorials

To the memory of the heroic dead of the U.S. 90th Infantry Division 6.June 1944 – 9.May 1945

In honor of the first combatants of Operation Neptune on Utah Beach, 06-06-1944, including PO 1/c Angelos Chatas, a US Naval Combat Demolition Unit “Frogman”. Six sailors gave their lives and 11 were wounded in support of clearing beach obstacles for the US Army 4th Infantry Division

In proud memory of our dead / 1st Engineer Special Brigade / H-Hour 06.30 D-Day 6 June 1944

American Landing Memorial Utah Beach

Landing Beaches

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