Battery Maisy is a Nazi German WW2 coastal defense fortification in Normandy, more specific on the West side of Pointe Du Hoc and just outside (7km inland) the town of Grandcamp-Maisy.

This gigantic complex (Widerstandsnest 83 & 84) was rediscovered by the British amateur historian Gary Stern in 2004, when he was in search of good location to start a museum. Maisy Battery was completely buried at the end of the war until it was discovered, and contains 2 km of original German trenches, commander offices, tunnels, bunkers and gun platforms. In the months following his discovery, he started to buy this overgrown area, piece by piece because this area that had no fewer than 27 different owners and restored this site into a unique open-air museum. The site was opened to visitors for the first time in 2006. Detailed maps are provided by the museum and you can walk the site on your own or request a guided tour.

Below you can find a few more photographic impressions of my visit to Maisy Battery, which was one of my absolute highlights of my Normandy trip (August 2019).

Official Website Maisy Battery / Instagram / Facebook / Traces of War

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