It was the beginning of July this year when I decided to spend a weekend in Hasselt, the capital of the province of Limburg (Belgium). Hasselt is trendy! A perfect symbiosis between the old and the new, the present and the past. The photos that I share with you today were taken in the port area, where beautiful apartment buildings are now being built (letting warehouses rotten is not an option?). In my opinion, brilliant modern architecture and really photogenic.

2 thoughts on “Line Patterns in Hasselt (BE)

  1. What the other comentor said “symmetry”, that was the word I was searching. I thought that was a pretty neat “compound”. Can´t afford it myself, but at least I get to watch it. Nice photos, always liked photography. Let´s see if once I can be aaaaaaaalot much better with my writing thing I dive into photography, specially like black and white I don´t know why

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