Sighisoara is a colorful fairy-tale-like fortified town in the Transylvania region of Romania. This was the second stop of my short Autumn trip and a absolute highlight. I had already seen so many pictures on the www that I decided… I wanna see this with my own eyes.

Ok, it’s a bit touristy, and I was fortunate the day when I visited Sighisoara. Not too much tourbusses filled with selfie gurus. In silence and tranquility I could enjoy the city for the fullest, the ancient churches, the cemetery, trying not to hurt my ankles on the cobblestoned pedestrian streets:). Such kind of a city that it’s difficult to not fall in love with. In my post of today, a teeny weeny little glimpse of Sighisoara:). Yes, I am in love with Sighisoara. Have a nice day folks:).

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This is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

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