At first glance, Calais may not look a like a placed filled with eye-catching Street Art but if we take a closer look, we can find some nice pieces painted by well talented local and internationals artists (Banksy:)! In this little Street Art guide, I’ll highlight the Street Art hotspots of the French coastal city Calais.

A cool place to spot Street Art painted by (mainly) local artists is Skate Park Zap’ados on Qaui Lucien Heureux 87.

At the beginning of September, a Skate/Graffiti Jam was held on this location: Jam Etend’art, more pictures of this event you can find here. On this long wall you can find artworks painted by Vyrüs (Instagram), K.YOO (Instagram), Steve Heughebaert (Instagram) and many other local graffiti writers.

If you plan to have a look at the Skate Park, I can recommend to walk along the Qaui de L’Yser. On Qaui de L’Yser 28 you’ll find and brilliant mural painted by Nicolas Flahaut AKA Vyrüs.

Vyrüs – Qaui de L’Yser 28

On my way to the sand dunes of Bleriot Plage / Sangatte, I had a enjoyable walk along the walking promenade Digue Gaston Berthe. There I found another creation by the hands of local Street Art hero Vyrüs. His artwork Dragon Anamorphosis is painted on an Xbloc what is a nested concrete block designed to protect shorelines, harbor walls, dikes, dikes and other coastal structures from the direct impact of waves. Beautiful project supported by the City of Calais.

One of the (probably) most photographed artworks in Calais is an intervention by Banksy. This work is depicting a child that is ready to leave France for the UK, staring at the white cliffs of Dover (34 km away…).This image stresses the fate, often tragic, of young migrants. Banksy, always guarantees strong political and social statements. Sure in Calais.

Banksy – Digue Gaston Berthe 123

According to my latest information, another Bansky mural can be found at Rue des Garennes / N216. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time left to go there. All the other Banksy artworks have dissapeared :(.

At the Banksy location (Digue Gaston Berthe 123), I left the walking promenade for the beach and continued my walk along the beach because I was fascinated by the photogenic views of the beach cabins. And this was a perfect idea. On the wooden and concreted beach cabins I’ve catched a few other smaller artworks.

two sad faces by Dwarf One (Instagram)

Pretty close to Parking Digue Gaston Berthe you can find another Dwarf One piece (and a piece by an unknown artist).

In a previously published blog post ( click here ) I shared my pictures about the painted bunkers in Calais / Bleriot Plage / Sangatte. Nice area to spot Bunker Art.

I finished my (very tiring) dunes / beach walking tour in Sangatte and walked back via Rue Vigier to Calais city center. On the way back, nothing found… bad luck? Once arrived back in Calais, I headed to the Musée des beaux-arts because there was held a Street Art exhibition Conquête Urbaine. If you are interested to view the pieces created by world renowned artists like ROA or C215, click here for an overview. Opposite the museum, in Parc Richelieu, are two painted small buildings. A real playground for artists:).

Street Art is perishable and the urban landscape is always changing so I cannot guarantee that the works that I show you here will still be there when you visit Calais. If you want to venture into a street art visit to Calais, it’s useful to check the hashtags #streetartcalais & #calaisstreetart on Instagram in advance. It’s my first written (kind of) Street Art Guide ever and hopefully, it will give you a better insight into the street art scene of Calais.

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    1. Thanks, the aim of my blog is to write more street art guides (requires lot of work/time) with only personal work/pictures. So, hopefully it’s a nice begin:). Calais is not Barcelona or Paris, but when you keep your eyes open you can find some nice stuff. Thanks for passing by and leaving a nice comment. Gr Stef

      1. It sure takes a lot of time! Keep up the great work. It’s always interesting to see what street art is hiding in lesser known cities/areas 🙂

        1. Lot of time, but it’s fun… learn more about local artists (Instagram became my playground:) ), local culture etc. . The lovely comments encourage me to continue with my street art blogposts:). Thanks for passing by. Gr Stef

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