I took these photos at the beginning of September in the French coastal city of Calais. As you can see on the colored pictures, it was simply a bright sunny day. Those beautiful weather conditions inspired me to take a refreshing walk along the beach and snap some pictures in this photogenic peaceful environment. I am quite satisfied with my shots and the black/white post-processing in Lightroom. I think these pics don’t need a hard contrast. Five views, ten pictures… color or black/white?

15 thoughts on “A Serene Beachfront

    1. Hey!:) It’s really intriguing and a bit… I don’t know… strange… ? I visited Calais on Sunday 1 september , the first day after summer holidays and it looked already bit really deserted. And the sun was shining… Anyway, perfect conditions for me to photograph in rest and peace:). Stef

  1. never saw Calais like this, worked in dover, always had a idea that it’s ‘a problem place’ if you get my point! it’s great to use art to shift myths and perspectives!

    1. Yup, I know what you mean with the ‘problem place’. It was always Calais this, Migrants that… . Time to show a bit beauty of this lovely place:). Thanks for passing by and leave a nice comment:). G rStef

  2. I’m so glad to learn that environment was the proper. I believe that the mood often plays the key role in art, especially in photography. You catch the instance! And that is so precious! A photographer is Faust of our days. Maria

    1. Exactly Maria. The mood is so important for the inspiration. And that’s why I prefer to travel on myself… just follow my own mood and speed. Soak myself up in the environment and it’s like drug… you start to see things very differently than the others. Then you shoot and click, and making the ‘best’ photographs, or let’s say… different shots. Me, Myself and My camera:). x Stef

      1. A true artist you are! I wish you The Inspiration in all your travels. & fine shots! And, certainly, great photo exhibitions no matter how difficult it is to arrange them. People must contemplate the true vision! Good luck! Maria 🙂

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