Last week, I went for a experimental photography walk to Maria Hendrikapark, a park close to my place. The idea was to photograph mushrooms and experiment with my Samyang 85mm f1,4 portrait lens.

I bought this lens a year ago and have hardly used it. I usually shoot with my allround 16-80mm lens or my 10-20mm lens and yet that 85mm always stays in my bag. Maybe because the 85mm Samnyang lens has completely manual settings? An additional difficulty is that you have to check the aperture well because this is not displayed on your screen (I checked with the store where I purchased the lens, is normal for this lens and my Sony Alpha 58). But no problem, I grabbed all my photography skills (and self confidence) together and made some shots. I am quite satisfied with my experiment shots (and I am seldom pleased with my pics). I setted my ISO on 800 which I could reduce to 400 maybe. I really need to photograph more with this lens and challenge myself. Just hit the road with my Samyang lens and leave my other lenses at home.

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4 thoughts on “Monochrome Autumn

  1. Your pictures are splendid both of the mushrooms and the path. I especially love the odd shaped trunk that appears to be covered in moss and perhaps another type of fungi. Thank you for sharing. Love Joni

    1. I am so glad you like my pics. The odd shape trunk was indeed covered by moss and a type of fungi, really fascinating to see. Thanks for passing by Joni. Cheers Stef

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