We can’t deny it, the popularity of Urban Art is growing rapidly. New Urban Art projects are being set up all over the world, and we can only be happy about that:). Whenever possible, I try to visit places and events where the focus is on Urban Art. Often in places where people don’t expect it.

One of those projects that I visited in a rather unusual place was Urban Steps which was held in The National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania (MNAC). Located in a building with a strong symbolic meaning, the Palace of the Parliament – known in the 1980s as the People’s House, MNAC Bucharest has the largest space dedicated to contemporary art from Romania, where it produces shows or relevant local and international artists, while valorizing its own collections in a far-reaching approach of visual culture. Painted steps in the House of Parliament, I really didn’t expect that:).

Urban Steps powered by Molotow Romania, was the first graffiti and street art project presented in a Romanian museum. Properly representing this type of guerrilla art along the 500 square meters on the MNAC Bucharest (website) inner stairs, and not in one of the museum’s exhibition spaces, the project also speaks indirectly and about how a form of expression born out of a revolt penetrates the former building of the House of the People.

This exhibition has ended, but I still wanted to share my photos of this project. All the artworks were painted by Romanian artists (Pandele Pandele, Lost Optics, Erps, Sage, Irlo, Obie Platon, Kero, OCU, Recis, Lucian Hrisav, REG, LUX, Mser, Homeboy, Neon, Duno, Lumin, Constantin Rusu/SKEMA, Mircea Popescu, Lucian Sandu Milea).

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  1. I really appreciate the opportunity to see art that I would otherwise never get to see. This is the second time I find myself absorbed in this post. The art is so vibrant, expressive, and truly amazing. Not being an artist myself I also find the 3-D effect fascinating. So thank you for sharing this amazing art with all of us. Especially taking the time to capture the artist full canvas. Love đź’• Joni.

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