I captured this image in the streets of Brașov a few weeks ago. I was so intrigued by this view: a public telephone. Pure nostalgia, so long time ago that I saw this. Indeed, due to the never-ending evolution of technology, such things have become superfluous.

I found the shiny, screaming orange frame of the isolated telephone together with a gray background really fascinating. Simplicity, leading lines, contrasts, symmetry, geometric patterns,… all things that I love to photograph.

Which photo do you like the most? Colored version, or my black / white impression? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below:). Have a nice weekend:).

25 thoughts on “Minimalism

    1. Hehe, nice contradiction:). It looks more real then the real one… but still… the orange is real:). Usually for such compositions and minimalist compositions is black / white also my preference. Thanks for passing by and commenting Anabel:). Gr Stef

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