A while ago I made a day trip to Calais, the famous port city in the North of France and pretty close to the Belgian border. Before I visited a local graffiti / skate festival (click here) I had made a big walking tour through the city, along the dike and through the dunes that are dotted with remains of the Atlantikwall (WW2). Without really knowing, I ended up in a neighboring place, Sangatte or also known as Blériot-Plage / Plage des Baraques, and I discovered a war cemetery just next to the dunes (on Rue Vigier). Not that I’m a lurid personality, but war history is one of the things that really interests me. Of course, my curiosity was awakened:).

My first thought was that it’s a war cemetery from the Second World War, would sound logical since it’s located just next to the bunker line that descends from the Second World War. Les Baraques is a well maintained war cemetery that was built during the First World War. The first three years, Commonwealth burials were made at Calais Southern Cemetery, but it became necessary to start a new site and in September 1917, the first burials took place at Les Baraques . The cemetery continued in use until 1921.

The cemetery now contains 1,303 Commonwealth burials of the First World War, together with more than 250 war graves of other nationalities (also a few Germans). The cemetery also contains seven Second World War burials.

Their Name Liveth For Evermore

2 thoughts on “Les Baraques Cemetery

  1. Very moving images. Something deeply saddening to see row on row of war graves. Hard to grasp the amount of suffering caused by war.

    1. Indeed. So much suffering there is in the world because of war violence … where does that go? In August I was in Normandy, the landing beaches, Pointe du hoc etc …. what happened there. Simply awful. Thanks for leaving a comment Don. Gr Stef

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