Strada Sforii, literally translated as ‘Rope Street’ is one of the narrowest streets in the world and as you can imagine, it has become a real (claustrophobic and quirky) tourist attraction in the medieval walled town of Brașov.

Strada Sforii is located in the centre of Brașov, a short walk away from the Main Sqaure. The street / corridor connects Strada Cerbului with the Strada Poarta Schei and was built to allow firefighters to get easily around the city. The narrowest point in Strada Sforii is about 111 cm wide and about 80 m long.

Maybe you wonder why it calls rope street? The answer is simple: the area around Strada Sforii was the home to a guild of rope makers. At the end of the street (Strada Cerbului) you can visit the Rope Street Museum.

I definitely adore paint and street art (as you all know:) ), but I prefer that such a historic place remain as authentic as possible. The (legal) street art on the walls gives no added value, but that’s just my humble opinion. Well, worth a visit though:). #LoveBrașov

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