Hello all :). I’m back on the road, indeed :). Normally I never travel to the same country twice in 1 year, but exceptions… why not:). I enjoyed my trip to Bucharest so much earlier this year that I absolutely wanted to see more of Romania.

Last Saturday I arrived in Sibiu (thanks Wizzair :)), and on Sunday morning I left Sibiu for Brașov, probably one of Romania’s most visited places. Brașov has a wealth of historical attractions and it is a real heaven for avid architecture lovers: Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance… . Brașov simply breathes history.

I spend 2 days in Brașov: 1 day of street art hunting (and you see so much more of a city than you just follow a traditional top 10 top tripadvisor list) and the other day I walked through the Seven Ladders Canyon. It has become a tradition, during my walks through urban landscapes, searching photogenic striking doors. So today, my captured doors of Brașov. My favo? Yes, definitely the last one:).

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This is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

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