Milu Correch is one of the most famous and most talented female (Argentinian) street artists of the moment and there is no doubt about that. How it started? She participated once in a workshop led by Lean Frizzera and Emy Mariana, her interest was aroused and she further developed her undeniable talent. Like most artists, she started with small walls to evolve into the large scale murals. The last years she showcased her skills at the most important urban art festivals on earth. Indeed, the sky is the limit:).
Her painted wall at the current location for The Crystal Ship in Oostende was actually a plan b, since the walls from the first location (C-Power, Buskruitstraat) were treated with an anti-graffiti layer (the organization should have asked this, since it’s a new building). The subject is just cool, a car wreck (a frequently used subject in her works) and she used splendid warm colors. Very detailled. Great job Milu!

Location: Schapenstraat 42

More Milu Correch on: Instagram / Facebook / Official Website

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