Every city has its leading graffiti artist(s). What Escif means for Valencia or Manyoly for Marseille, is what our local artist Siegfried Vynck definitely means for my hometown Oostende. Nowadays, Oostende is littered with large murals and smaller interventions with thanks to the The Crystal Ship Street Art festival, but long before the Street Art festivals hype began, Vynck was already painting walls and commissioned works in our region. Solo painting under as Vynck or as a member of the Lost Flammos Crew.

One day I saw a guy passing by with a cart full of spray cans and yes indeed it was our local graffiti pride Vynck. Apparently he has been living less than 50 meters away from my place for years. What a coincidence! Of course, we had a brief chat and he told me that the maritime character of our city has always been a very important inspiring item for him.

And last week I found a wonderful example of a maritime inspired work on Hendrik Baelskaai (Port District), a place that used to be the epicenter of the once flourishing fishing industry, but unfortunately, faded glory. A motorhome painted with Vynck’s recognizable warm colors and items that characterize our city: the lighthouse De Lange Nelle on the back, and on the two sides seagulls and a fishing boat (check the number 8400 = our zip code). I was really blown away by this splendid masterpiece. Good job neighbor! Love Oostende, Love Vynck!

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