Hello all:)! I returned yesterday from a delightful vacation in sunny Spain (Valencia – Alicante region), with lots of good memories and full memory cards :). 1 Of my absolute priorities was a visit to Cheste, a small town located 26 km away from Valencia. Why Cheste? Yes , those who have been following me for a while can already guess: street art! I really wanted to admire the artworks of the Graffitea Cheste Street Art festival and in the meantime, yes, photograph some doors:). The wooden doors are impressive but my most favorite one is the iron garage door with painted spots. Which one is your favorite?

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This is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Cheste

        1. Thank you so much:). It’s great to develop our creative soul and observe/photoggraph what happens around you. Exhibitions, for the moment nothing… cause the prints are often really expensive (and this year I have some renovations at my home), lot of preparations. I take the life more slowly and exhibitions brings a lot of stress. Last week I sold (unexpectedly) a print, and that’s fine:). Cheers

          1. Never mind! Festina lente. My congratulations about selling! You works are marvellous. And what about magazine? I guess they should like your works. As a designer I comprehend you. It is not easy to devote yourself only to creativity nowadays. But we must fight! Good luck & strength on your photo path! 🙂

  1. Wow, there’s a lot going on with the bars in that first shot, almost too much for me. My favorite is the one on the left in the middle row. interesting that so many of the doors are the same color. Lots of good finds.


  2. My comment didn’t load the first time so I’ll try again. There’s almost too much going on in that top shot, too busy for me. It’s interesting that so many of the doors are the same color. My favorite is the door on the left in the middle row.


  3. There’s one door there that I thought at first had a ray of sunshine on it, but is that diagonal painted white?

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