Bucharest is perhaps not the most popular city trip destination, but definitely worth a visit. The old center with Parisian flair, the big contrasts between the old and the new , the gigantic parliaments house, the Dâmbovița river and the many parks that the city has to offer. A city that is not (yet) completely immersed by tourists and selfie gurus (always a plus:) ). Enjoy my Monochrome Bucharest impression :).

This blogpost is my entry to the Monochrome Monday Challenge and Cee’s Black &White Photo Challenge with the theme: View From The Side

6 thoughts on “Monochrome Bucharest

  1. Aah Bucharest, looks lovely through your photos! Perhaps not on everyone’s list but definitely on mine, I would love to visit and explore more!

  2. I have to say that with your creative ideas (black & white photos) you manage to give my Bucharest a new shade, interesting and even a bit retro. And now I start to miss it more…but at the end of the month I will also travel there again! Congrats for these really unique photos of my city and thaank you!!

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