During every street art festival there are murals by artists that people think and say: super cool! Never heard of this artist! For many street art hunters, the next step is usually … a quick search on instagram :). I had such a discovery during the fourth The Crystal Ship edition in Oostende, BE. 3D Muralist Leon Keer is the name.

Leon Keer, a Dutch world leading artist in the anamorphic and optical illusions street art painted his mural Fragile (Delfts Blue Vases with doom scenario’s linked to the climate change) on one of the walls of C-Power, located on the east bank port district of the city. Last year Milu Correch had the honor to paint that interesting wall, but that wall had just been given a special treatment (anti graffiti layer:) ), a missed opportunity to have a Milu Correch mural in Oostende. This year Leon Keer (and his assistente Massina) was allowed to try, and yes indeed, he did a fantastic job. Interesting artwork to photograph (choose different points of a views!), good that I had my wide angle lens with me, a must have for those who like to photograph street art. Just a pity that it was really cloudy that day. Have a nice day folks:).

Location: Buskruitstraat 1

More on Leon Keer : Instagram / Facebook / Official Website

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    1. Hi Len, It look so real, exactly. I pass this location almost daily and every time I think… what a imagination and technical skills has this artist. Cheers Stef

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