Since the first edition of The Crystal Ship, we have already seen that there are not only the large murals, but also smaller interventions are spread throughout the city. Jaune already has more than 75 interventions, Oak Oak has about 15 pieces, Isaac Cordal his lovely miniature sculptures, Julien de Casabianca’s Outings Project and this during this year’s edition we can hunt Helen Bur and Wasted Rita their artworks/signposts.

Let’s focus today on the Portuguese graphic designer and illustrator Rita Gomes AKA Wasted Rita. She is an artist who has the talent to present statements with short provocative scribbled phrases, often with a brilliant touch of sarcasm.

For this edition of The Crystal Ship, she has made eight interventions: one Paste Up Wall (in a more quiet neighborhood) full of scribbled paper messages on a wall and in the city center seven signposts with short, provocative phrases. During the first week of the Festival I had already noticed these rather strange signposts in the city center and I found it a bit weird, until another local fellow street art hunter asked me how many Wasted Rita signposts I had already found :). Wasted Rita confirmed us that there were 8 interventions, so mission accomplished (and mystery solved:) ). Nice and interesting to see something different than what we are used to see when it comes to street art. Well done Wasted Rita!

1. Paste Up Wall

Location: Corner Chrystantenstraat / Cardijnplein

2. No One Cares / No One Cares Either

Location: Corner Amsterdamstraat / Stockholmstraat

3. Life Will Be Great / If You Go That Way

Location: Kairostraat 11

4. All Alone / All By Yourself

Location: Corner Leon Spilliaertstraat / Euphrosina Beernaertstraat

5. Fulfillment / Balenciaga Shoes

Location: Albert 1 Promenade / Casino-Kursaal

6. White Men / White Men

Location: Corner Langestraat / Louisastraat

7. A Little Bit Of This / A Little Bit Of That

Location: Corner Christinastraat / Sint-Sebastiaanstraat

8. So Much Pain / Little Gain

Location: Corner Christinastraat / Wittenonnenstraat

More Wasted Rita on Instagram / Facebook / Official Website

9 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2019: Wasted Rita

  1. Here I’ve been roaming the world, climbing to the mountaintops, looking for fulfillment, and I never thought to just look for the street sign! Brilliant! (very fun, Stef πŸ™‚ )

    1. Yep indeed, and it’s something different. Street Art is more then a only a layer of paint:). Thanks for passing by and leaving a great comment:). Cheers Stef

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