It has been a while (again:( ). Several things happened: more focus on my job, more focus on things outside the virtual social media world and, I became e bit discouraged by the crash of my external hard drive. Yes, I lost almost all my content. 10 000 Photographs and travel memories. I decided to make a new lay out for my blog, here and there improve things. A new external hard drive, back up with iCloud and these things. Better structure, better organization. Not finished yet, working on it:).

But, there are also good things to tell: I’ve spend a few days in Bucharest and another trip is planned: roadtripping through Bosnia (24/05 till 10/06).

Back to the subject of this blog post: Doors in Bucharest:). I’ve spend 4 days wandering in Bucharest and as always, I took some photographs of doors:). Always interesting to see the shapes, patterns and colors of doors in other places. I am wondering which one is your most favorite? Have a nice day and until next time…

This blogpost is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Bucharest

  1. Oh, man. Sorry to hear of lost content. 🙁 Haven’t seen many Bucharest doors (or photograph them, even though I was there twice but wasn’t taking door photos yet). Have the most excellent time in Bosnia. I’ve always loved Bosnians, they were my favourite nation in ex-Yugoslavia, including Slovenians of which I am one. 😀

    1. Thank you so much Manja:). Life goes on, and Ostendnomadography too:). Like every blogger, yes, we check statistics. Yes we care about it. And almost daily, in two months without any blogpost I gained followers without any effort. Bosnia! Looking forward to it Sarajevo-Mostart: bucket list. But also Konjic, Srebrenica, Jajce,Doboj,Jablanica, Kravica Tuzla, The monument near Tjentiste etc… . Can’t wait! What are your most favo places in Bosnia? Greetz Stef

      1. Oh I didn’t travel around Bosnia very much, I met Bosnians elsewhere. 😀 But I visited Sarajevo and the Tjentište monument with my parents a long time ago. Lovely memories. The Neretva river is amazing. I recommend the train from Sarajevo along the Neretva. I love it how you say: Mostart. 😀 😀 A cute mistake. I’m sure you’ll have a great time everywhere you go. As for followers – I’m not a fan of those followers that only click follow on my blog to grow clients or costumers. I only appreciate those who come and visit my blog now and then, leave meaningful comments, or offer beautiful or worthwhile content.

  2. Hey Stef – I vote for the steampunk-looking metal door, with the white pipes. It looks like it’s guarding a bio-warfare vault.
    And 2nd is the doorway with the carved stone – – with a sign saying “the Roman waters”? A thermal baths perhaps?

    1. Hi Robert!It has been a while:). That streampunk door is awesome. I love that Design too. My most favorite door is that one with carved stones. what is written: names of Romanian cities like Sibiu,Timisoara, Targu Mures. Excellent idea that design. Have a nice joyful weekend Robert. Cheers

  3. I’m very sorry to learn about the hard drive crash! It always happens when is lesse expected! Excellent shots! Looking forward to see more! 🙂

    1. Well… shits happens. It took me a while took think about the future of Ostendnomadography, thousands of street art photographs are gone. I want to photograph, upload and share by times. I don’t want to be that etiquette blogger with strategies (Ostendnomadography is purity, not a blogger that create blogposts like ‘ I like this, because I can put affliate links in this blogpost’,or create articles about places where I never have been). But ok, I am back:). Thanks for passing by and leave a comment:). Have a good weekend.

      1. You are right! The blog should reflect your pure essence, then it becomes something special. I believe that there are plenty of creative ways for you, photographers, to present your art vision via blogging. Anyhow, the art is aristocratic. It does not stand the mainstream! Good luck with a new turn of photo blogging!
        Best wishes, Maria. 🙂

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