At then end of 2017, I’ve made an overview of my top five (click here) favorite street art creations that I encountered during my travels. So, why not to make a new list with my top 10 murals I came across in 2018 (believe me, it’s though to pick a top 10:) )! My travels in 2018 were mainly focused on Street Art hunting: Barcelona, Penelles (GarGar Street Art Festival), Zaragoza (Asalto Street Art Festival), Buenos Aires, Pinamar, Waterford (WaterfordWalls), Łódź (Urban Forms), Wrocław, Lisbon and Olhao. And not to forget: the third edition of The Crystal Ship held in my hometown Oostende (Belgium).

1. The King of Trash Art: Bordalo II in Lisbon 

Bordalo II his trash art masterpiece “Bee” can be found at the LX Factory in Lisbon. More Bordalo II? Check his Instagram

2. Lost Flammos in Bredene-Sas

The well talented guys of the local street art collective Lost Flammos gave the scouts building in Bredene-Sas (just outside the city borders of my hometown Oostende) a real Dragonball design. Cool and nostalgic! More Dragonball? Check:

3. DZIA in Penelles

One of the highlights during my Spain trip in May was the lovely small village of Penelles. Penelles is an ordinary village in Catalunya, transformed since the last 3 years into an open public urban art museum, with many references to agriculture. This artwork is one of the two that DZIA created for GARGAR Festival Penelles. His works are very recognizable: detailed abstract images of animals. More DZIA? Check his Instagram

4. Adélaïde Aronio in Buenos Aires

Adelaide Aronio in Buenos Aires

What I really adore is abstract lines, geometry and diagonal forms in combination with dark/white colors. This creation made by Adélaïde Aronio is definitely my thing and can be found in the Barrio Almirante Brown, close to Usina Del Arte (Art Factory). Is a really cool area to hunt Street Art but be careful, it’s not the most safe place (locals will warn you, and I saw why). More work of Adélaïde Aronio: Instagram

5. Ben Slow in Oostende

A large scale wall, a picture of a lovely local couple and the British street artist Ben Slow. Bring those three ingredients together and you get a real photogenic large scale mural. Ben Slow participated in the third edition (2018) of The Crystal Ship in Oostende, Belgium. More Ben Slow? Check his Instagram.

6. Marino Santa Maria’s Mosaic Houses

Street art is a collective name for all kinds of art that we can find in public spaces. Besides the painted art you also have the mosaics for example. A very nice spot to discover mosaic art can be found in Barrio Barracas, Buenos Aires. More info and pictures:

7. INTI in Łódź 

INTI, a Chilean artist born in the Street Art capital of the world: Valparaiso. Raised in a city that is completely covered with street art, will undoubtedly have inspired him to become an muralist. His large scale mural “Believe In Goats” was my absolute favorite mural that I came across in the Polish City of Łódź.

8. MonkeyBirdCrew in Penelles

Last year I have seen so many murals and interventions, hundreds, if not more than a thousand … . One of the artists / crews that I absolutely remember is the MonkeyBirdCrew, an artist duo (Temor and Blow) from Bordeaux, France. Black/White and so many details. Top creation. More MonkeyBirdCrew? Check Instagram.

9. Manyoly in Oostende

Manyoly, I am insanely crazy about her girls! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her girls popping up in the streets of my hometown Oostende during The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival last year and she was even not announced! Her boyfriend is a journalist with some duties at the festival and in the meanwhile she got the opportunity and allowance to paint her lovely colorful girls. Yes! More Manyoly? Check my former blogpost:

10. Felipe Pantone in Lisbon

The last two weeks of December I went on holiday to Portugal. Ten days in Lisbon, chill and relax. My daily walks through the different neighborhoods. During one of those walks in the suburbs I came across this mural painted by Felipe Pantone. Very special: abstract, geometric and contemporary. More Pantone here.

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  1. These are all fabulous! Great post.
    PS there’s some weird thing on your site saying I can’t comment unless I log in. When I try to log in it doesn’t recognize my WP password, and besides I’m already logged in to WP. I’m posting this from the reader.

    1. Hi Alison (and Don), it’s indeed really weird and I can’t fix it so far. Some followers can comment and others not (the log in and password thing). I have checked the comments settings many times and everything should be allright but it’s not. Thanks for leaving a comment and give feedback. Greetz Stef

  2. These are all great. It’s hard to pick a favourite…perhaps the goat one. When I went to your site I was unable to leave a comment (like Alison).

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