First of all, I wish everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas. Hopefully you will fully enjoy these festive days, wherever you are. Close to your beloved ones at home, or perhaps you are enjoying a wonderful trip.

I am currently enjoying my end-of-year holiday in Portugal. Before I left I had planned an itinerary: Start in Lisbon, end in Faro ( accommodations booked in Sagres, Lagos, Portimao, Olhao, Tavira and Faro). After 2 days I have thrown all my preparations into the dustbin: I just have enough of structured living (holidays = breath). Reaffirmed once again. Just go with the flow. Where I feel good, I stay. When I feel it’s time to move: I move on. The places that I have skipped can be so wonderful, my rest is important as well. And I am now already 11 days in Lisbon: my daily walks in different neighborhoods, read my books I brought with me, a bit of Street Art Hunting, and not unimportant (I mean important:): a wonderful Brazilian lady called Mariana captured my attention:), the main reason of the changes:). Spend Christmas Eve / Day with 5 super duper lovely Brasilians: totally unexpected but oh so beautiful. They have served me sweet potatoes, Farofa (yummy!), a lot of pork and a delicious typical Brazilian dessert (kind of Caramel cake, Luciana’s mum secret recipe). I have brought them sweet Belgian Cherry beer, Genever( a strong Belgian spirit) and the world-renowned Mc Chouffe Blond Beer. Thanks Mariana, Izabella, Luciana, AndrĂ© and Caldera. A Christmas never to forget. Feliz Natal!

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