Memories, that is the theme of the Tuesday Photo Challenge run by  Dutch Goes the Photo this week.  And that inspired me to create this blog post: a collection of photographic travel memories ( since 2013, when I’ve started to take photophraphy a bit more seriously:) ). So many beautiful memories and scrolling through my photo archives, it stimulates my endless wanderlust a lot. Can’t wait for next trip to Portugal in December.


  • October: My first visit ever to Slovenia, Europe’s green lung:  A paradise for hikers and adventure sports addicts:). Don’t miss the city of love, Ljubljana:).


  • February: New York,a city trip with my parents. There are worse places to celebrate my birthday.
  • June: Cuba! An unexpected last minute decision trip (all inclusive, not really my thing:). Had to cancel my Bosnia trip due very weather conditions(Flood). Joined the owners of my favo bar in my hometown Oostende. Nice mix of sun,relax and culture. The best thing you can do in Varadero? Escape to Havana, Pinar del Rio and many other beautiful places.
  • December: A week in charming Portugal. Lisbon, Aveiro and university city Coimbra


  • May: A trip to Czech Republic, invitation of a friend (Zuzana) who live close to Prague. Day trips to war related historical places: Terezin /Lidice/Lezaky, Kutna Hora and Sedlec Ossuary, meeting our other friends in Pardubice and homemade Gulas.
  • September: Argentina. Since the visit of Viru, an Argentinian couchsurfer that I’ve hosted in 2013, Argentina became my nr 1 on my bucket list. More specific: a visit to Ostende, a place with the a direct connection to my Belgian birthplace Oostende.  Buenos Aires, Ostende, Cordoba, Vila Belgrano and Salta region were the places i’ve have visited during my 3 weeks round trip.
  • December: A citybreak to Berlin. I’ve been in Berlin before, my trip in 2015 was more focus on museums.


  • March: Argentina & Chile. Argentina, it’s love on first sight. Love the good air in Buenos Aires:). After spending a few days in  Buenos Aires(and day trip to La Plata and Tigre), I flew to Chile, because Street Art capital Valparaiso was also high ranked on my bucket list:).
  • June: Chile. A local beauty from Santiago de Chile, was the reason of my return to Chile:). We’ve made  a trip to San Pedro De Atacama,a real backpackers destination in Chile. During such trip you realize in what beautiful wonderful world we live.
  • December: Yes, back to Chile. A visit to Evelyn, discovering Santiago de Chile and a short trip to Puerto Varas (Patagonia).


  • January: Citytrip Hamburg.
  • April: Mexico. Purchased a flight to Mexico City. A trip without real expectations. Mexico City, the White city Merida and lazy beach life in Puerto Progreso in the Yucatan. Yup, Mexico is just fun. High return alert:).
  • June: Italy/Slovenia. Started my trip in Trieste and continued to Kobarid, Tolmin and Ljubljana in Slovenia.  Absolute highlight of this trip?Paragliding!!!!
  • October: Zagreb. A short getaway to Croatia’s capital. Street Art hunting and photography were the keywords of this trip.
  • December: A real Street Art hunting trip through the north of Portugal: Porto, Covilha, Viseu and Estarreja.


  • March: Still fascinated by the Argentinian Ostende, it was  about time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and spend some days in Ostende (and Street Art hunting in Buenos Aires).
  • May: Spain. Discovering Barcelona, Street Art Hunting in Penelles en Zaragoza.
  • August: Friends gathering in Pardubice (Czech Republic) and Street Art hunting in Łódź and Wrocław (Poland)
  • October: Ireland. Street Art Hunting in Waterford, cycling the Waterford Greenway, exploring Ireland’s former capital Cork and an escape to Cobh… coastal town near Cork. Beautiful Ireland!


The first years after I graduated as a baker(2001), I mainly traveled to Pardubice, Czech Republic. Friends, Party, Icehockey … but with getting older, realized that there is actually much more to see in the world than just socializing in Pardubice. The last 5 years I started to travel more intensively, discover new places, new cultures, new insights. Getting older is also changing my way of traveling: a bit slower, less rush, more enjoyment and I really do not have to see all the museums like 5 years ago. It’s not about numbers or counting how many countries we have discovered and explored, or how many times we can travel in a year. Everyone’s living / work situation is different. I have worked a lot since I was 14, when I went to school: all school holidays, every day. Every weekend. When I graduated: early / day / nightshifts. I will turn 38 next year, the last few years I experience more and more health problems. And that does not come just like that. I left my comfort zone earlier this year, a new job (no more work during the weekends). A new work challenge was a necessary step.
Enjoy every day, do not make a rush of your trips. If you have visited 20 countries now, or you are proud that you can write on your instagram that you have crossed 78 countries … that is really not important (only good to boost your own self-confidence). Important life lessons through my life, full of beautiful memories, and more to come :). Thanks for reading, wish you all a wonderfull Sunday :).





10 thoughts on “Photographic Travel Memories

  1. So many memories…beautifully collected in this post. And it is so true – as you get older, you appreciate new things. Like taking it more slow…enjoying the precious moments. A lovely post.

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, take the time to ready my story and check the pics:). Each age has it’s charm. But the more slowly way of traveling, enjoy the environment became really my thing. Nowadays, I prefer more the (street) art in public spaces, then art we can see in museums. Regards Stef

  2. Oh my, this is quite a collection of places! Such lovely glimpses. And it all starts with my city, the city of love! 😉 Thank you for calling it that! I agree with your state of mind, collecting and counting places is for bragging rights. You go and stay where you feel good. I wish you much of the same to come.

    1. Ljubljana, one of most charming capitals ever probably:). My explorations gonna continue like that… just go with flow. It works for me, we are indoctrinated enough with schedules and laws in daily life. Cheers Stef

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